Sophisticated Modeling

Try StarUML 2 Beta (v2.0.0-beta6)

StarUML 2 Beta is only for evaluation. Currently there is no time limit for evaluation.

Do not overwrite on existing copy of StarUML 1 or 2. Install on another path or uninstall previous version first.

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UML 2 Compatible

UML metamodel of StarUML 2 is newly defined. It is not only compatible with UML 2.x standard but also simplified to access to model data much easier. StarUML supports totally 11 kinds of UML diagrams (Class, Object, Use Case, Component, Deployment, Composite Structure, Sequence, Communication, Startchart, Activity and Profile Diagram).

Do you want to extend UML? Then, you don't need to defined complicated XML documents or to write codes. UML Profiles could be defined easily using Profile Diagram. The user-defined profile can be embeded within the user's model so as to share models without distribution of profile in a separate way.


StarUML 2 is developed using modern Web Technologies, so anyone can write extensions using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. Adding a new menu, accessing to model data, adding a new user interfaces or dialogs, and even new modeling languages (e.g., ERD, BPMN) could be defined as an extension. In addition, the model file (.umlj) is stored in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format which can be parsed and accessed easily in many programming languages.

One interesting point of StarUML 2 is Node.js integration. This allows you to access local files, many kinds of Databases, and interoperating with various Servers. Moreover, you can utilize more than 50,000 Node.js packages to write extensions.

(Open source extensions and APIs will be open in Official Release.)

Enhanced UX

StarUML 2 provide completely new platform-neutral user interfaces (Dark Theme, Quick Edit, Dialogs) while keeping usability, simplicity, and modern design trends.

Diagram representation is much improved via anti-alising and direct use of Web Fonts. Diagrams can be exported in PNG, JPEG, and SVG formats.