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StarUML 2.0.0-beta4 Release

StarUML v2.0.0-beta4 is now available for download. This release includes the following features and fixed issues.

Diagram Generator

You can generate three types of diagrams: Package Overview, Package Structure, and Type Hierarchy in Diagram > Generate menu. It helps you to understand a huge complex model.

Overview Package Overview Diagram

Package Structure Package Structure Diagram

Type Hierarchy Type Hierarchy Diagram

Diagram Layout

Now you can select directions of diagram layout. Sometime if you have so many classes and generalizations in a diagram, the automatic layout will spread classes horizontally too wide. It decreases readability. Then, you can select vertical layout (left to right or right to left) and it is better than horizontal layout.

Changes in Formatting

Added “Show Visibility” and removed “Show Compartment Visibility” 

In previous versions, we could only show or hide visibility in compartment items such as Attributes and Operations via “Show Compartment Visibility” menu. Now, we have more general “Show Visibility” which allows to show or hide visibility in not only compartment items but also relationships such as Association or AssociationEnds.

Removed “Show Compartment Stereotype”

The menu “Show Compartment Stereotype” is removed in order to simplify controlling visibility of stereotypes. Now, we need to only remember that “Stereotype Display” can be applied to most of elements including Attributes, Operations, and even Associations and Dependencies.

The detailed resolved issues can be found at Release Note.