Extensions Registry

You can install community developed extensions

Generate Postgresql DDL from ERD
If it's present, navigates to the diagram connected to an element
C++ code generation and reverse engineering.
ERD Generation Extension for StarUML
Generate DDL (Data Definition Language) from ERD
Ruby code generation.
Implementation of UML to API generator in accordance with https://edi3.org/uml-profile/.
Python code generation.
GraphQL IDL schema generation for StarUML
C# code generation and reverse engineering.
Generate getters and setters for selected attributes or selected classes
Copy into clipboard the names of the selected elements in the diagram.
TypeScript code generation
Quickly merge generalizations into a rectilinear form
Java code generation and reverse engineering.
Creates a link between StarUML and the Visual Studio Code editor, to allow quick navigation to files
XMI (XML Metadata Interchange) Import and Export. (XMI 2.1 and UML 2.0)
Django models code generator
The Rebel is an advanced Java code generator. It enables modeling and code generation for Java Persistence API/Hibernate, Spring, Spring Data and Jackson. Besides other features, it preserves your changes to the generated source code.
PHP code generation. At the moment a bit buggy probably. Just open new issues with your behavior and your .mdj file and I'll fix it.
Reindex the id fields in Requirement heirarchy
An extension for StarUML to generate C# .NET Core Entity files
Color managment