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StarUML 2.0.0-beta8 Release

StarUML v2.0.0-beta8 is now available for download. This release includes the following features and fixed issues.

Show/Hide Types and Multiplicities

You can show or hide types and multiplicities in Attributes, Operations, AssociationEnds, etc by selecting Format > Show Type or Format > Show Multiplicity.

스크린샷 2014-09-19 오후 3.05.10 Hide Types (or Multiplicities)

Support Use Case Subject (aka. System Boundary)

Use Case Subject is supported now. It can be used as “System Boundary” which is supported in the older version. It can be used also to categorize Use Cases. This element always on the background than other elements in Diagrams.

스크린샷 2014-09-19 오후 3.07.39 Use Case Subject

Multi-Instance in LifeLine

You can represent multi-instance LifeLines by just checking “isMultiInstance” property in Property Editor.

스크린샷 2014-09-19 오후 3.08.51 Multi-Instance LifeLine

Toast UI

New Toast UI is introduced. Toast is shown at the left-top side in Diagram Area and disappear automatically after seconds. When you try to make invalid elements or connect relationships, messages will be shown in Toasts.

스크린샷 2014-09-19 오후 3.14.13 Toast UI

The detailed resolved issues can be found at Release Note.

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