The latest news about StarUML

StarUML 3.1.0 Release

StarUML 3.1.0 is now available for download. This release includes the some additional features and fixed issues. Additional features are:

Template Binding

Template Binding element is supported with Template Parameter Substitution element. Theses elements allows you to express bound classes from template classes by substituting template parameters with actual values.


Custom Keymaps

Now you can change or add new key bindings for any commands (Menu Items) by just creating keymap.json file in the user configuration folder. For more about custom keymap, please check the documentation.

Custom Sequence Numbering

You can use custom sequence numbers of Messages in Sequence and Communication Diagrams instead of auto-generated integer sequence numbers. For more about custom sequence numbering, please check the documentation.

The detailed resolved issues can be found at Release Note.