The latest news about StarUML

StarUML 3.2.0 Release

StarUML 3.2.0 is now available for download. This release includes the some additional features and fixed issues. Additional features are:

Hide a subset of attributes, operations, etc.

A class view is alway show all of attributes and operations defined in the class model. Sometime you need to show only a subset of attributes and operations in a class view. Now you can delete attribute or operations views in a class view without deleting attributes or operations in the corresponding class model. To delete a particular attribute view, select the attribute view in the diagram and just press delete key. To show again the deleted attribute view, drag the attribute from Model Explorer and drop on the class view.


Activity diagram improvements

There are some improvements in Activity Diagram. The first is call activity notation for action elements. To show call activity notation set “kind” property of action to “callBehavior” and “target” property to an Activity element. The second is object states. To show states in Object Nodes, assign States elements to the “inStates” property of an Object Node. The last is activity edge connector. You can use activity edge connectors to simplify control flows or object flows.


Turn-off automatic updates

Now you can turn-off automatic updates in Preferences if you don’t want to updates.

The detailed resolved issues can be found at Release Note.