The latest news about StarUML

StarUML V5 (5.0.0) Release

We are so glad to announce StarUML V5 release. The new V5 supports many new features as below.

Support Apple Silicon

Now we provide a new distribution for Apple Silicon, so you can select one of traditional Intel x86 distribution and the new Apple arm64 distribution for macOS platform.

Apple Silicon

Unlimited Diagram Size

Until now, there were many users who felt uncomfortable with the rather small size of the diagram. Now you can make diagrams with almost unlimited size. However, it is still recommended to draw multiple small diagrams with clear point-of-view rather than one large diagram.

Minimap is convenient way to navigate large diagram. Additionally to make it easier to scroll the diagram, holding down ctrl (or cmd for macOS) while dragging the mouse is supported. Mouse wheel scrolls vertically and mouse wheel with shift scrolls horizontally.

Very large-sized diagram

CLI (Command Line Interface)

To automate your development process, it required to execute some task without launching GUI window. StarUML V5 now supports CLI (Command-Line Interface) mode to run commands without GUI (So the previous CLI alternatives mdgen and metadata-json is deprecated). CLI supports following five commands:

  • staruml ejs - Generates artifacts with EJS template
  • staruml image - Generates images (PNG, JPEG, SVG)
  • staruml html - Generates HTML documents
  • staruml pdf - Generates PDF documents
  • staruml exec - Execute default and plugin-registered commands

Please read the official docs for more details.

Custom Stereotype Icon

Custom stereotype icons (UML Profile for Business Modeling)

The custom stereotype icons feature allows making profiles visually different from default UML notation. For example, UML Profile for Business Modeling has their own icons for stereotypes. You can use your-own stereotype icons with bitmap image (PNG or JPEG) or simple icon script. The simple icon script allows you making a vector icon (not raster image). For more about the script, please check the official docs.

UML Enhancements

StarUML V5 supports new UML concepts and notations including three-states of navigability, order of ends, N-ary associations and template parameters as a classifier.

Three-states of navigability

Order of Ends

N-ary Association

Quick Find

Quick Find

Quick Find allows to find a model elements, view element, or a diagram quickly. To popup Quick Find, select View | Quick Find… in Menu Bar or press key Cmd+P in macOS or Ctrl+P in Windows and Linux.

Modern Flat-style UI

The user interface has also been improved in a modern flat-style.

Flat-style UI

There are more features and resolved issues except for the described in this article. You can find them in the release note. Hope you enjoy and satisfies with the new StarUML V5. Thank you.